Miniature xoloitzcuintle litter


Tay-Dzvchi (Magaldi)     Reese

Guachinanga Du Coeur Des Tenebres

Date of birth- 14/12/2017

Father- TAY-DZVCHI (REESE), import Mexico - CH. INTER, MULTI, CH. Russia, Estonia, Latvia, RKF, CW, Grand, Bulgaria, Romania, Balkan, Czech, Poland, Belarus and so on, Vise EURO Winner 2014.
Mother - GUACHINANGA DU COEUR DES TENEBRES, import France - CH. Russia, RKF.

There are 3 puppies : 3 coated males.

all information:

Dina Limankina +79990210763

Irina Vasilyeva +79118313030 

Limanner Grand Dobby

Lives in Saint-Petersburg

Limanner Grand Dastish Fantastish

Lives in Belarus

Limanner Grand Dante

Lives in Saint-Petersburg